Ming Luanli, also known as Ming Li and Ming Maraj, is opening up about her relationship with her half-sister, Nicki Minaj.

She was recently a guest on the We In Miami podcast, according to The Shade Room.

Luanli, who shares the same father as Minaj, opened up about how being related to a famous person comes with unwarranted criticism.

“I used to be bullied a lot for it,” Luanli said on We In Miami podcast. “People used to say like, ‘Oh if this person was your sister, why didn’t she do this for you? Why didn’t she do that for you?’ And, it’s like, at a young age, it’s like, you don’t know how to answer questions like those.”

Luanli said their relationship with Minaj is like any other sister relationship — of course, they argue, but they always love each other.

“She was a good sister. She did check up on me and my dad from time to time,” Luanli said. “She always made sure we were at least good, situated in a way. It doesn’t matter if she was distant or not… I don’t have no hate towards her and if people think that I do, that’s y’all problem not mines.”

Regarding Luanli’s music career, the 18-year-old artist dropped two singles, “Do It Again” and “Thinking About You,” earlier this year. On the podcast, Luanli made it clear she was not looking for handouts and wanted to work her hardest to impress her sister.

“I never needed her to help me get to my goal,” she said. “I just needed her to see that I can do it and she could be proud of me without having to think that I needed to have an easy way to get to the top.”