A prominent lawyer working to help detained #EndSARS activists has accused the government of taking her passport from her and stopping her from flying out of Lagos on November 1.

According to OkayAfrica, Modupe Odele has worked tirelessly with the Feminist Coalition to provide free legal services to those who have been arrested during the widespread protests against the notorious and now disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad. 

But when she went to Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos on November 1, her passport was taken from her and immigration officers told her she was "under investigation."

She slammed the officials for not explaining what she was being investigated for or why they needed her passport. 

"Holding on to my passport without giving me any reason for it is a breach of my constitutional right. I’ve not been informed of any investigation against me, I’m not running. I am here. Investigate. Ask me questions but do not continue to hold on to my passport with NO reasons," she wrote on Twitter. 

Many online suggested there may now be a "no-fly" list but the government has shot that down through official channels.

In a tweet, the Ministry of Interior said, it "did not, has not and will not generate a No-fly list. No-fly list generation is not the responsibility of the Ministry or its associated agencies."

The comment section was filled with people asking the government agency where Odele's passport was. 

She responded to the government statement, demanding answers for why her passport was being held.

Many criticized the government statement and questioned what it truly meant.

Odele shared that the ordeal was stressful because she didn't know what she did to deserve her passport being taken. 

She also shared other thoughts about the situation. 

In a statement to Pulse, Nigeria Immigration Service spokesperson Sunday James said, "When there is a directive from any agency of government not specific, we have to enforce either entry or restriction of entry by anybody who has been directed not to be allowed exit or entry and as a matter of fact, we cannot as a border management agency, allow anybody who has been restricted from leaving the country to go out and we cannot allow anybody who has been restricted from entry to enter."

"So, it is a routine assignment and it has nothing to do with #EndSARS. We are the lead agency for the security management of the border. It has to do with the restriction order which we are duty-bound to enforce,” James added. 

There was a bit of a dispute about the day she could pick up her passport, but Odele did manage to get her passport back on Monday. 

While the situation has been resolved, Pulse noted that there are still outstanding questions that need to be answered. The government has not responded to questions about who gave the restriction order or why she was being restricted.

Activists in the country are still reeling from the government response to the #EndSARS protests. Pulse reported that on October 20, soldiers opened fire on a crowd of peaceful protesters, killing at least 10 people and injuring another 10. As Blavity previously reported, the shooting caused international outrage and prompted apologies from government officials.