nullI've been hoping to get the chance to see the Jeta Amata-directed Nigerian musical Inale for quite some time now.  I believe it's been screening around the world since 2010, but it's only just now making its way to Johannesburg, South Africa for a special screening on July 26.

From what I've been able to gather, the film will be screened at Jo-Burg's STER-KINEKOR Cinemas; first for an exclusive audience on July 26, and then opening for general audiences on July 27.

Inale features a very impressive cast, including Caroline Chikezie (Footballers Wives, Torchwood), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (24, Last Flight To Abuja), and Nollywood superstar Ini Edo.

Here's all you need to know about Inale, from the film's website:

The story of Inale is a folklore told in Otukpo, Benue state. Inale is a tale about true love, betrayal, family, duty and tradition; the first Nigerian musical ever on the silver screen.

Shot in Los Angeles, CA, USA and in the fruitful lands of Benue state, it centres on the life of the Princess of Otukpo, Inale (Caroline Chikezie) the “treasure” of the land, who found happiness and true love in the heart of Ode (Hakeem Kae Kasim).

The film starts with a grandfather telling his granddaughter a tale he had heard from his many journeys to the great land of Nigeria, which would serve as her lullaby for the night. The story starts with Inale and Ode’s admission of love for each other and how tomorrow will be the first of many of their lives together after he wins the wrestling competition.

Tradition states all eligible men of the village can display their strength, stealth, wisdom and compete for the hand of the princess. King Oche (Dede Mabiaku) was just and showed his people that any man can state their own destiny if he just tried. Whoever wins the competition will win the hand of not only the kingdom but the heart and hand of the princess, which was the best price of all… Ode is determined to win.

Ode conquers all competitors of all shapes and sizes, and as he is about to claim his victory and the heart of his true love, the short lived merriment was obstructed by a masked stranger asking for a chance to compete against the about to be named hero.

Unknown to all, the stranger’s intrusion will set in motion events that Inale nor anyone in the land of Otukpo would have ever contemplated or foreseen. With her love for Ode and her kingdom put to the test Inale’s adventure begins…

Check out the film's trailer: