Talent can come from anywhere. Just ask Twitter user Sulayman Abu-Bakr who saw the 44-year-old artist Ahmed Sulaiman outside of his office building drawing portraits of people passing by.

Abu-Bakr tweeted that Sulaiman offered to draw a portrait of him and was amazed that it only took Sulaiman five minutes to complete. He posted the portraits and a few photos of Sulaiman on Twitter.

Instantly, the undiscovered artist and his work went viral. 

Twitter users praised Sulaiman for his talent and many wanted to know his situation and why he was on the street.

Others shared their portraits too.  

One user, @debbrianna, pondered if Sulaiman can create amazing portraits in a matter of minutes, what can he do with more time.

In just a few days after the tweet went viral, Abu-bakr invited Sulaiman to his office to share his story. It turns out that he lost his wife recently and that he has been living with friends until he got back on his feet. He took to street art to make a living and possibly start his own studio all the while still battling an undisclosed addiction. 

Abu-bakr has set up a fundraising campaign to send Ahmed to a rehabilitation center, get him a place to stay, a studio, and materials to practice his craft, according to the Independent. So far, the GoFundMe campaign has raised nearly 3,000 pounds of the 5,000 goal. 

“We are trying to raise funds to take him to a rehab and subsequently set him up," Abu-bakr said. "He wants to challenge himself to see how much better he can be.”

Since going viral, Sulaiman now has a Twitter and Instagram profile for his art.