Brit renaissance man Noel Clarke is one busy fellow.

Here’s another look at one of a number of films he’s been involved with (whether acting, writing, producing or directing) in the last year, titled Huge – a film I first profiled on the old S&A site last fall.

It premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival over the summer, and last screened at Raindance Film Festival last month, but I since haven’t been able to find any info on further play dates, or distribution prospects… until today.

The film now has official Facebook & Twitter pages, both relatively new, and on both of those pages I read that it’ll open in UK theaters next month – July 8th, specifically!

I also discovered that Thandie Newton is in the film as well. Didn’t know that before! I think this is the first time the pair has ever worked together.

So what’s Huge about again?


Warren and Clark meet when Clark heckles Warren on stage in a crowded comedy club. Their improvised banter goes down a storm, and Warren becomes convinced that destiny has spoken: Warren and Clark are meant to be the biggest comedy double act of all time. There’s only one slight problem: they are terrible and can’t get a gig. As their frustration mounts, and their efforts to get noticed become increasingly desperate, their bosom-buddy friendship begins to curdle into bitter rivalry. In a world that wants to deny their destiny, Warren and Clark must find a way to stick together if they are to have a chance of making it huge


Noel Clarke plays “Clark.” Johnny Harris plays “Warren.”

Not sure where Thandie Newton fits in all of it.

No trailer yet, which I find odd, given that the film opens in about 3 weeks! In a tweet posted 2 days ago, we are told that one is coming “very very soon,” so I’ll be keeping an eye out for it, and will post here once it happens.

In the meantime, above and below are the film’s poster and a few still images from it. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a stateside theatrical release though.