Ms. Beulah Rogers of Roxboro, North Carolina recently celebrated her 105th birthday on Friday with a heartwarming celebration with friends and family.

According to WTVD, the supercentenarian was surrounded by her loved ones as she reveled in the joyous occasion, with over 100 years of life experiences.

Born in 1919, Rogers has witnessed a century’s worth of historical events, technological advancements and societal changes. She has also lived through the service of 19 U.S. presidents, with Woodrow Wilson being the first president in office during that time, per WTVD.

As Rogers celebrated her milestone birthday, she was most thankful that God cared for her all these years. Her positive outlook on life and the wisdom gained over a century served as an inspiration to all present.

What is Rogers’ secret to a long life? She encourages everyone to treat others kindly, even if some do not like you.

“There is always somebody out there that is going to like you and always someone out there who isn’t going to like you. But do onto others as you would have them do onto you whether they like you or not,” Rogers told WTVD.

Rogers also shared another fun fact about her life: She told WTVD she stopped driving three years ago when she was 102.