A 24-year-old man was held hostage and tortured by a woman he met on Instagram last month.

The New York Post reports that the Lower East Side woman, Valerie Rosario, 22, lured the man to an apartment on Marble Hill Avenue in the Bronx on Feb. 7, allowing him to believe that they would hook up.

As soon as he got to the apartment, three men entered and began to pistol-whip him. After that, they allegedly stripped him and “placed him in a bathtub, poured flammable substances on him, and burned him with a flame.” They also tormented him with a knife, striking his legs, back, and body.

Rosario allegedly lured the victim to the apartment after noticing the victim flashing money on his Instagram account.

FOX 5 reports that the NYPD was able to track down one of the attackers, Javier Vargas, to a van parked in Queens. The unconscious victim was found lying in the back of the van, wrapped in a blanket and his mouth covered with tape.
Rosario was later arrested and is being held in jail.