Tonight, President Barack Obama delivered a short and rare speech on the recent terror attacks at San Bernadino. During a time when Americans are increasingly on edge, it was an important moment where the POTUS attempted to reassure the American public that our government is doing everything in their power to keep the American public safe. He spoke about how social media erases the distance between countries and allows foreign entities to radicalize people from around the globe, equated ISIS to a cancer that has no immediate cure, and alluded to the insanity that congress still refuses to pass gun law legislation that prevents people who are on the “no-fly” list to purchase guns. Furthermore, he made it a point to reinforce the notion that ISIS does not represent all of Islam.

As this address briefly interrupted everyone’s Sunday night ritual of sitcoms and football, the social media reaction was swift and comprehensive. Here are some of the best reactions from across the web:

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