Orange Is The New Black co-star Tanya Wright wants you to co-create her new web series HAIRiette of Harlem.

Despite landing memorable roles on hit TV series like The Cosby Show, 24, True Blood, and OITNB, Wright has never been one to wait for a project to come her way.  This time, the actress/director/writer/producer is creating a web series, and she’d like our readers’ help.  I’ll let Wright tell you more about HAIRiette of Harlem:

TRUE BLOOD. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. It wasn’t always this way, being an actress on two popular shows. There were times where I lived a lean mean existence, eating rice and beans and…well, you know the rest. Being an artist is tough, great, lonely and exhilarating–all at once.

HAIRiette of HARLEM is a live action/animation web series based on my very early days as an actress in Los Angeles. Ah, the joy. The pain! The ups and downs, the all-arounds. Hairiette Arms is a girl just trying to make it in her natural world. The unique part of the show is that the audience gets to co-create the events of Hairiette’s life and whatever they decide will be written into the next week’s storyline. We’ll also launch a haircare line, where a portion of the proceeds will go to the Actor’s Fund, a 130 year old human services organization that helps entertainment professionals in crisis, need or transition. The Actor’s Fund came to my aid when all I had was beans (no rice!). They filled in the gap until I could do it myself.

We’re 20 % into our goal of raising $50,000 in 50 days. Won’t you join us in our journey to bringing ‘lil HAIRiette to life by funding the campaign? We have great, fun rewards at every level. Surely you know an artist–perhaps you are one yourself! Thank you for supporting the quest to agitate, inspire and educate through art and support others who do the same.

Thanks for funding our campaign TODAY– we have great, fun rewards at every level, from $10 to $10,000! Click the link below to see a cool video about HAIRiette of HARLEM (all shot on an ipad!!) and support the campaign today.

THANK YOU so much for your support,

xo Tanya