I’m digging this new series from the Afroklectic initiative, which itself is a space created in 2010 by Gillean Opoku, a Ghanaian who was born and raised in Australia, as a platform to promote and celebrate the emerging creative culture within the African-Australian community, as well as communicate to a global audience outside Australia that there are Africans living in Australia.

You can learn more about the collective by visiting its site HERE. And now that I’m aware of them, I’ll be subscribing and visiting often.

Included in the initiative’s output is a video series that examines issues experienced by young African-Australian creatives living in Sydney, with a sample group speaking for themselves, relating their own individual experiences.

Embedded below is the 4-minute introduction to the series and its cast of African-Australian creatives. If you’d like to watch the rest of the videos, head on over to the Afroklectic Project’s Vimeo page HERE: