Kelly Osborne recently made some comments on the VIEW about Latinos. In an attempt to combat Donald Trump’s racist comments from a few weeks ago, she made one of her own.

After clips hit the Internet, Twitter dragged her… like really dragged her.

After hours of Osborne’s name trending over the internet, she formally apologized.

Here’s the thing Kelly, your apology is condescending, steeped in privilege, and eminently defensive.

It seems to be a common phenomenon among white people — both liberal and conservative — to become defensive whenever a discussion about race occurs. White people are quick to evoke #NotAllWhitePeople, point out the ethnic studies classes they took in college, tell how many black friends they have, and self-de-classify themselves as racist. Instead of attempting to understand why their words were hurtful to an entire group of people, be it intentional or not, white people are quick to find a reason to defend themselves, even if it is doused in apologetic fervor.


It is something that is taught to everyone by elder generations and mass media publications. Because racism is so steeped in American culture, it is often hard to become “woke”; it upsets the balance of your entire world. But when you reach the point of racial consciousness, you begin to unlearn what white supremacy has taught you. And when you are called out on a callous statement you made, you do not immediately list off the things you have done for minorities as a defense mechanism. Listen. Do not suggest that your perception of the realities minorities face is as important as the lived experiences of people of color. Do not suggest that your racist and condesending words created an important dialogue for an entire ethnic community. When people of color tell you that your words were insensitive, divisive, and racist, do not defend yourself. Just listen.

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