That Chick Angel is responsible for the drinking anthem of the summer. Her viral smash “One Margarita” is the soundtrack for every girls’ trip TikTok and boozy brunch Instagram reel.

After the song garnered buzz on social media, Angel followed it up with the official “Saucy Remix” featuring Saucy Santana.

The visual opens up with supermodel Cindy Crawford donning a white tank top and jeans as she re-creates her iconic ’90s Pepsi commercial. However, this time around, her beverage of choice is a Casamigos margarita.

Angel, aka A Black Lady Sketch Show star Angel Laketa Moore, starts the familiar verse of the fun single produced by Carl Dixon (Casa Di) and Steve Terrell. As she finishes, warning you what would happen with the “fifth margarita,” Saucy Santana jumps on the track and knocks it out of the park.

“Give me one margarita, Imma open my mouth/ In the club p***y popping with my feet on the couch/ I’m a bad b***h, make ’em start a bottle war,” he raps.

With his signature Chanel bag in tow, Santana starts the party, taking the single to a new level. According to Vibe, “One Margarita” is the social media personality’s response to a slut-shaming sermon shared on TikTok by Sister Cindy, an Evangelical Christian pastor.

“When I heard it, right before we started the show, in my head I was like, ‘Hmm, this feels more like the inspiration of a rap song,'” Angel told Entertainment Tonight. “I knew, once I did the freestyle, I was like, ‘Somebody is going to want to put a beat underneath this.’ So I cut it out of the episode, posted it on my social media account and lo and behold.”

The video also features an appearance from Angel’s husband, Marcus Tanksley. The comedian hosts the Is This Going to Cause an Argument podcast alongside his wife. TikTok influencer Terri Joe also has a part in the video as a waiter. Recently, Terri Joe and Santana have been doing a series of TikTok lives that have gone viral due to their unbarred conversations.

The single is Angel’s ode to having a hot girl summer while continuing to own your sexuality. In the visual’s press release, director Jake Wilson shared how enamored he was with how quickly the public took to the song.



“The story of how this song blew up feels like an American fairytale. Maybe not a fairytale for CHILDREN, but you get my point,” he said in the release, according to Vibe. “Angel is so easy to root for and I jumped at the chance to help take her to the next stage in her first music video.”

He also mentioned Santana’s addition to the already viral hit.

“Santana’s new verse takes the song to another level. I mean, who doesn’t want ‘a big d**k and a bankroll?'” he added. “And then to have THEE ultimate legend Cindy Crawford recreating perhaps the most iconic commercial of all-time? The cherry on top.”

You can watch the video below: