Forbes recently released its 2017 Highest-Paid Athletes and it's definitely testosterone-heavy. 

But there is ONE wonder woman phenom parting the sea of men like an athletic Moses: Serena Williams! 

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That's right, Queen Serena has shattered the glass ceiling with an epic serve! Williams sits at number 51 on the 100-athlete list, earning $27 million in the last year (with $8 million attributed to salary and winnings), per Time. Like many athletes, a bulk of her wealth accumulates via endorsements. She is the highest-paid female athlete in the entire world, fabulously unseating Maria Sharapova from her 11-year throne in 2016. 

Arguably one of the greatest athletes of all time, Williams has consistently exceeded already astronomical expectations, even recently dominating at the Australian Open and winning her 23rd Grand Slam while pregnant

Of course, the news is bittersweet given that out of a 100 athletes, only one woman is representing, which really speaks to the gender pay gap. But, if any one were to take the historical spot, there's no better woman than Serena Williams.