J. Alphonse Nicholson praised his wife Nafeesha Nicholson on her strength in an episode of Revolt’s Black Girl Stuff.

The episode, which aired in August, featured Nicholson teasing what was to come this season. But he also had time to give props to his wife after the Black Girl Stuff cast wondered how she has handled his steamy scenes as Lil Murda.

"Shout out to my pretty baby, as I call her…She is just the strongest woman I ever met, and that's prior to 'P-Valley,'" he said.

“I knew she was built for the lifestyle that I was going to create for myself as an actor and a storyteller prior to any of this really happening. She caught me at the very beginning of my career, so we’ve been prepared for this.”

Nicholson said that Nafeesha was there throughout the entire process of landing the role of Lil Murda.

“She was there every step of the way that happened with P-Valley, from the time I met [series creator] Katori [Hall] to the conception of Lil Murda and everything that he is now,” he said. “It’s rare that you meet someone as strong as Nafeesha Nicholson, but I’m grateful that I have her in my corner.”


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"People are not prepared for what we've shown this season and because it's taboo, we don't really get inside the bedroom and the minds of people who look like Lil Murda or Uncle Clifford…So, I will just say she's been able to handle it, obviously, better than most," he continued.

Nicholson has talked about his wife to Blavity in August as well. During an Instagram Live interview, Nicholson called his wife his “confidant.”


He said, "She's my biggest support system. We talk about everything, we share everything."

“The dope thing about my wife is that she’s not an artist…so she’s coming at it with a very fresh pair of eyes just like an audience member would, so she can give me her honest opinions about what it is that I’m doing,” he continued. “It’s dope to have a dope Black woman in my corner.”