A morning TV show in Pakistan has drawn criticism for putting models in blackface and for its inherent message that fair skin is more beautiful. 

As the BBC captured on Twitter, show "Jago Pakistan Jago" featured participants painting models with fairer skin in darker makeup – which is blackface – in order to show how bridal makeup looks on dark skin. 

Many on social media called out the show for insinuating that creating beautiful bridal makeup would be any more of a task for dark skinned women as it would be for those with fairer skin tones. 

Images, a Pakistani lifestyle publication, reported that the segment was part of a competition series in which contenders were told to darken the skin tone of light skinned women with a makeup stick foundation with a shade called "Negro."

As countries around the world grapple with colorism, the Asia-Pacific region was reported to have the largest and fastest-growing markets for skin-lightening products, according to Quartz.