Everything about summer makes you want to retreat to a tropical oasis with sun, sand, palm trees and plenty of fresh and exotic fruits. If you're sick of snacking on the same things, give a fresh papaya a try. Bright and beautiful in color, papaya should smell subtly sweet and offer a faint floral aroma (if you know how to pick them). And the taste? Comparable to a fig and melon fusion

Moreover, papaya has quite a bit of health benefits with high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A, cardiovascular health benefits, blood strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties, just to name a few

Here are several ways to put a papaya spin on your favorite warm-weather snacks

Papaya Spring Rolls

Photo: The First Mess
Recipe here

Papaya and Mango Salsa

Photo: The Taste Spotting Blog
Recipe here

Roasted Papaya with Brown Sugar

Photo: James Baigrie
Recipe here

Papaya and Coconut Sorbet

papaya recipes
Photo: Eden Passante
Recipe here

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