There were many heroes that stepped up on the tragic day of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting, essentially making sure that the already horrible death toll number wouldn't be worse. One particular hero, 15-year-old Anthony Borges, braved multiple gunshot wounds while shielding his fellow students.

Following the day's tragic events, Borges went through a tumultuous rollercoaster ride while in the hospital, undergoing several abdominal surgeries. He even had to be rushed to the intensive care unit after his condition deteriorated. However, there is hopeful news. According to the Sun Sentinel this week, Borges's condition has been upgraded from critical to fair. 

Family lawyer Alex Arreaza confirmed Borges has been removed from a ventilator and is thankfully breathing on his own. 

“Everything went fine,” Arreaza said. “He’s doing much better.”

Still, Arreaza said that Borges has an extended recuperation period ahead of him. 

“He’s still recovering from a lot,” he noted. “He took five bullets from an AR-15.”

Not only is Borges struggling to heal from the shooting, he's also fighting an infection that Arreaza says arose because the high school didn't immediately seek assistance for his serious wounds.

“He’s got a super-high threshold for pain,” said Arreaza. “His intestines were all twisted up. As tough as he was, he wasn’t complaining."

The teen is the last hospitalized Stoneman Douglas victim.