Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek issued a statement over the weekend after images were posted to social media that showed him and his wife tearing down a memorial dedicated to Anthony McClain, a 32-year-old Black man fatally shot by local police in August.

As Blavity previously
reported, McClain was gunned down during a traffic stop on August 15 after he allegedly fled a vehicle and brandished a firearm as he tried running away. Community activists were outraged after his family said McClain was shot in the back and was handcuffed with an officer appearing to be mounted on his back. 

On Saturday, Tornek wrote that a group of protesters came to his house Friday night with a list of demands in regards to the McClain shooting. The mayor said the crowd was dismissive of him after he tried discussing police reform, so he returned to his home. According to Tornek’s statement, the demonstration then devolved into a “loud effort” of personal attacks.

“What followed was not a vigil for Mr. McClain, but a loud effort to intimidate and attack me personally. I was subjected to obscene chants and personal insults for an extended period of time. The focus was largely not on Mr. McClain, but rather about promoting the agenda of the event spokesperson and organizer, and compelling me to have a variety of criminal charges pending against her dropped,” the statement read.

According to the Pasadena Star-News, Jasmine Richards, an activist with Black Lives Matter Pasadena, led the group to Tornek’s estate on Friday where they placed signs and candles near the mayor’s home and driveway. Richards has been charged with several counts of malicious mischief since the summer as protests have swelled around the country but has pleaded not guilty.