A Black evangelical pastor accused Sen. Kamala Harris of being a Hillary Clinton in “Blackface" during a TV segment discussing Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate.

Trump advocate Darrell Scott, pastor at the New Spirit Revival Center Ministries in Ohio, uttered the controversial comment while appearing as a guest on Fox News show The Ingraham Angle following the debate, according to HuffPost.

“I thought Kamala Harris was Hillary Clinton in blackface tonight. That’s what I thought,” Scott said. “And you know what was trending on Twitter? Black Hillary.”

During the Fox News show, host Laura Ingraham asked Scott and former D.C. Democratic State Committee chair Scott Bolden their thoughts on Harris’ debate comments about peaceful protesters demanding social reform in demonstrations around the country.

In the debate, Harris said she was on the front lines protesting with those seeking social justice reform. She said while she doesn’t condone violence, “we always must fight for the values we hold dear” in this country.

Ingraham criticized Harris’ claim of nonviolence, saying that Harris once aligned herself with people who were convicted of violent offenses. That’s when Scott chimed in with his comment, castigating the senator as a charlatan and liar.

Both the show host and Bolden were shocked by Scott’s assessment. Ingraham said she missed the part about Harris being a “Black Hillary,” and Bolden responded to the pastor’s critique by questioning the nature of the comment. The former Democratic committee chair later praised Harris for carrying “the Democratic flag” well.

During Wednesday’s debate, Scott caped for Vice President Mike Pence on Twitter, tweeting that Pence was “KILLING this chick” and “Kamala ‘Black Hillary’ Harris got absolutely ANNIHILATED.”

Ironically, Scott blasted Clinton in 2016 for collaborating with hip-hop mogul JAY-Z, an effort which he said glorified violence and drugs in communities of color.

“Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy is on full display again as she raises up JAY-Z as a role-model for youth in Cleveland. For all of her talk about fighting for kids, she has no problem sharing a stage with someone who glamorizes acts of violence and having pushed drugs in our local communities,” Scott said in a statement obtained by Cleveland.com reporter Andrew Tobias. 

Despite the initiative by a number of Democrats and their allies to remedy recent social injustices, President Trump has labeled Americans protesting inequities as terrorists, according to CNN.

The president's condemnation of a celebrated American civil liberty activated his right-wing supporters.

In June, an account posted a video to YouTube misrepresenting Harris’ quote on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert about the social justice protests. Harris said that the protests were going to persist and that they should continue even without media coverage, USA Today reports.

However, the entity behind the account titled the video “Kamala Harris wants the riots to continue and not let up, not now not even after the election,” and other social media accounts posted the video with comments that suggested the Senator was encouraging riot behavior.

In a rebuttal to Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Harris renounced violence at protests and the people that take advantage of the situation, per CBS News.

"We must always defend peaceful protest and peaceful protesters," she said. "We should not confuse them with those looting and committing acts of violence, including the shooter who was arrested for murder," she said.

Regardless of what detractors say about her, Harris remains busy being a trailblazer.