A white professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School has been removed from teaching required first-year law courses after saying she has never seen a black student graduate in the top quarter of the class.

This isn't the first time Amy Wax has said provocative things. Last year, in an interview with Brown University economics professor Glenn Loury on the “downside of affirmative action,” she said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black student graduate in the top quarter of the class, and rarely, rarely in the top half.”

Her racist remarks don't end there. Regarding the black law students at Penn and even in the surrounding areas, she said some of them shouldn't even be attending college and suggested that black students had not earned their places. In her view, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review has a racial diversity mandate.

“Black students have graduated in the top of the class at Penn Law, and the Law Review does not have a diversity mandate. Rather, its editors are selected based on a competitive process,” Dean Ted Ruger told AP. “And contrary to any suggestion otherwise, black students at Penn Law are extremely successful, both inside and outside the classroom, in the job market and in their careers.”

It's not difficult to appreciate Ruger's assist in dispelling the inaccurate claims that Wax presented about black people as we continue to overcome negative voices in order to find success.

Amy Wax has tenure at the university, so she will continue to teach a full course of electives and will retain her salary and her seniority. In a statement to the The Daily Pennsylvanian, Wax refused to retract her original statement by saying, "I would emphasize that student performance is a matter of fact, not opinion. It is what it is."

This story was first reported by the Associated Press.