Petey Pablo wants you to raise up a glass of his craft beer. The rapper recently teamed with Neuse River Brewing in Raleigh, North Carolina, to create a personally branded craft beer called "Petey's Pale Ale." 

In a company flyer, "Petey's Pale Ale," an American pale ale brewed with guava, is described as a light-bodied beer with a hint of tropical fruit.

"Petey and Neuse River Brewing Co. want you to RAISE UP your can and celebrate the day, dance to the music that moves you and be kind to everyone around you," the flyer states. "We developed this beer to be the ideal beverage to drink everywhere and any time. 

In an interview with, the North Carolina rapper said he will likely be hosting a number of launch parties – the first one planned for Cinco de Mayo. 

"People know me for being the turn up king…" Petey Pablo said referencing his early 2000s hit "Raise Up." "One of my biggest records, you know, was a song they played at basketball and football games, and what do you do..  grab your drink, and take your shirt off… "

Raise up.