Andy Cohen got Phaedra Parks is back in the Housewives franchise!

However, she’s not on The Real Housewives of Atlanta— this time, she’s participating in the second mashup of Ultimate Girls Trip on Peacock alongside a few other All-Stars.

Parks and her co-stars are relaxing at Dorinda Medley’s Bluestone Manor for eight days, as opposed to the first cast in the tropical island of Turks and Caicos. The series takes on a trip down memory lane as the ladies indulge in the lush countryside of the Berkshires with top-notch luxury, hilarious escapades and non-stop drama.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, Shadow and Act Unscripted had the chance to speak with the RHOA alum about her experience on the show. She also dished on her dating life, motherhood, her former castmates, and more.

She was hesitant to do the show because of the drama from her time on ‘RHOA’ but was convinced by Bravo honcho Andy Cohen

Parks hasn’t been on Bravo since exiting the series following the explosive Season 9 reunion of RHOA. She’s made it clear she has no interest in returning to the franchise. After being called by Cohen, she decided to give the mashup a try.

“I did know [who would be on the show] because Andy obviously told me when he called me because I was like I’m not going to sign up for this or anything, especially not with anybody,” she told us. “But I really clicked with everyone. I didn’t have a bad experience with any of the ladies. It was really a really good experience compared to other experiences I’ve had on other reality series. But after the show, I’ve really bonded on a really close level, and particularly with Brandi Glanville, really with Dorinda, probably really with Jill Zarin too. But prior to the show, me and Eva Marcille, we’ve known each other for almost two decades, if not two decades. So we’ve already our families have known each other for years. So that relationship was well established prior to the show.”

The self-proclaimed Southern Belle doesn’t understand why she’s been given the title as the shadiest housewife from all of the franchises, but admits there’s some drama on 'Girls Trip'

Parks is known for her wit, one-liners, and ability to escape an apology. Despite such, she insists she doesn’t mean any harm with her shade. Regardless, she says the mashup will be entertaining.

“What’s always interesting to me, people always say I’m the queen of shade, but now I’m just usually telling the truth and people think is shady,” she said with a shrug. “I’m probably being shady at times, but I just see it as being the truth. This show is quintessential classic housewives, because you see the tears, the crazy fights, the fallouts, the makeups, the drunk foolishness. You know, everything from the sexual overtones to the madness. It is classic housewives. Unlike traditional Housewives shows, we can actually break the fourth wall and talk about what’s happening in real life, in real, real life. So that makes it good.”

Parks has been asked to return to reality television in any capacity. Aside from appearing on WE tv’s ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ she’s been focused on her multiple careers and motherhood.

But since ending filming the Housewives mashup, she says she and Brandi Glanville are considering a dating series.

As for what she looks for in a man, Parks has a long list. “He’s got to be easy on the…He’s got to be intellectually sound because I like to have a conversation with you…He’s got to be socially savvy…And he also has to have a little change about himself…I really don’t want to be a preacher, but you got to have a spiritual life…He’s got to like kids,” she said.

The lawyer-turned-mortuary scientist says she doesn’t tune into ‘RHOA’ but she is happy that Marlo Hampton is a full-time housewife

“I recommended Marlo for the show,” she told us. “So now I’m very happy for Marlo. I love Marlo. Marlo is very entertaining…I’ve watched Marlo’s growth and so I’m excited for Marlo.”

Watch the full interview above.