Pharrell Williams and Creative Growth Art Center (a haven for adult artists with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities) have announced the launch of Creative Growth, a compelling new series of short films introducing viewers to the artistic efforts of the center’s residents.

The films are directed by Cheryl Dunn and produced by ALLDAYEVERYDAY

The films embody i am OTHER’s passions for the pursuit of individuality, the defiance of expectations, and the arrival of a new class of visionaries. The artists defy what society tells them they have the ability to do, using painting, fashion, and animation as tools to communicate what their words cannot. 

When I first saw the trailer for this series I was blown away. These artists’ relentless pursuit to express themselves, no matter the obstacles, is beyond inspiring,” said Pharrell. “They prove we all have the ability to create art and deserve the opportunity to do so,” he added.

Forty years in the making, the center’s artists have an international platform participating in exhibitions at renowned galleries, museums and art fairs around the world. 

Creative Growth features the following cinéma vérité profiles, allowing the viewer to get to know the artists’ inspirations, motives and their process in the studio:

·         ART HAPPENS HERE,” an introduction to Creative Growth

·         “CREATIVE GROWTH” Pharrell introduces the series

·         “TIME DOOR,” featuring Merritt Wallace

·         “CHOCOLATE CITY,” featuring Gerone Spruill    

·         “CRACK THE LIGHT BULB,” featuring Dan Miller    

·         “PEACE WORLDS,” featuring William Scott 

·         “YOU FREAK THANK YOU,” featuring Nick Pagan

·         “TO BE THE BEST OH YEAH,” featuring all the artists of Creative Growth                            

·         “PIN STRIPE SOUP,” featuring Aurie Ramirez 

·         “TV IS MAKE BELIEVE,” featuring William Tyler 

The series also includes a number of artist-made films and animations including:

·         Ced’s Bed by Cedric Johnson

·         ChocoWalkin’ by Gerone Spruill 

·         The Cat and the Chicken They Go Swimming by William Tyler

·         Emotion Pictures by Edward Walters

·         I’ll Show You How Strong I Am by Alexandra Bell 

·         How Are You Doing What Time Is It? by Jackie Frank 

·         The Cruise Ship by William Tyler

·         The Make Up Counter by Gail Lewis 

·         The Man Who Came Home At Night by Gregory Stoper

·         The Painter by John Hiltunen 

Visit to view the film series. More information on the Creative Growth Art Center can be found at

Pharrell intros the series in the video below: