TikTok star PinkyDoll went viral over alleged changes to her skin color after appearing at the Streamy Awards.

Black Enterprise reported the award show honors the best content creators on social media. On Monday, PinkyDoll (whose real names is Fedha Simon) was on stage to present the award for streamer of the year when viewers noticed a drastic change in her appearance.

Blavity mentioned that PinkyDoll is a non-playable character content creator who gained a large TikTok following. She became famous as a background video game character on social media, with notable phrases such as “ice cream so good” and other animated-like expressions.

The 27-year-old wears a blonde wig and appears several shades lighter in her videos than her dark skin at the award show. Her physical appearance is what many social media users have questioned after realizing she’s not a light-skinned woman.

Award-winning celebrity blogger Ken Barbie shared a clip of Pinky’s debut at the Streamy Awards on her X (formerly Twitter) account. Several fans accused the Canadian native of colorism and lightening her skin to receive a check.

“The fact that she felt the need to filter herself so dramatically for views is INSANE, because her natural complexion & features are gorgeous,” one user wrote.

“Why she chocolate off TikTok but high yellow on TikTok 😭,” another user said.

“WAIT so she’s catfishing on TikTok as a light bright banking on the fact that people are inherently colorist and will typically support a Lightskinned woman with eurocentric features a million times before they ever support a dark skinned woman with the same features?” a third user said.

On Wednesday, the TikTok star pushed back on those claims amid the backlash she received online. She told TMZ she “loves to be a Black woman” and that people are just “hating” on her.

“You can watch the show because I’ll be here forever,” PinkyDoll said.