Just a quickie to let you all know that I’ve been receiving all your emails, Facebook messages, and reading your comments expressing your, shall I say, “concerns,” mostly about the setup of Shadow And Act’s new home, as well as your inability to access content on the old site.

And to that I say, please be assured that what you see here isn’t forever. Further adjustments are coming, and with them, we should see a return of many of the features you appreciated about the site’s previous address.

The goal certainly wasn’t to drive you away; that would be foolish! It hasn’t been the smoothest transition, especially with regards to the ongoing problems with the restoration of the previous site, so that you can still access old content. However, that had nothing to do with the indieWIRE move, and is being worked on currently.

So, please just hang in there, as things will eventually all fall into into place.