We have updates regarding the shooting and killing of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards this past Saturday. 

After a quick investigation, the Balch Springs, Texas police chief has fired the officer who triggered the deadly rifle shot, ultimately murdering the black teenager, NPR reports. 

Edwards and his 16-year-old brother were heading home from a house party in the Dallas suburb when the officer — responding to noise complaints — shot the fatal head-wound shot through the window of the car. The victim's death was ruled a homicide by the Dallas County medical examiner.

The investigation found that officer Roy Oliver used a rifle to shoot through the window of a car that Edwards was in. The department also found that Oliver's use of force violated many of its policies, and said that it plans to continue to quickly release information regarding the continuing investigation.

For their part, the Edwards family issued a statement that praised the department's decision, and noted that they "anxiously await" Oliver's arrest on murder charges.

The Dallas Morning News received a statement from Oliver's attorney, Cindy Stormer, that asked that the public be patient and slow to make accusations. "We cannot make any comments at this time," Stormer wrote to the Morning News, "The incident is recent and still being investigated. Everyone should wait until the facts come out and we know more."

Per the Associated Press, attorneys for the family, Lee Merritt and Jasmine Crockett, praised the police department for its quick action to fire the officer. "No other city has moved at the rate Balch Springs has," Crockett stated on Tuesday night. "It's just unbelievable. It's absolutely unbelievable that a department did what a department should do."

The Dallas County district attorney and the Dallas County Sheriff's Department are continuing to investigate the case. 

We'll have our ears peeled for further updates with the investigation and hopefully report a justified ruling.