Nearly 170 Black people were killed by the police from January to August, according to a CBS News analysis of data from Mapping Police Violence and The Washington Post.  

In a slideshow, the national news outlet explained that the information is compiled using both verified and reported cases but may not include all police shootings.

The compilation notes that at least one Black person has been killed by the police every week from January 1 to August 31.

At the time of the report, only two states, Vermont and Rhode Island, did not have any recorded or reported Black deaths due to police actions. 

Of the 164 Black people killed by police, there are a number of unnamed victims in the list and dozens of people who only had brief local news stories written about their deaths. 

The startlingly high number of deaths should remind us all of how often these killings happen and the lack of awareness around their stories.

A few of the names, however, stood out because of the protests that came after their killings or because of the outsized media coverage following their deaths.