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COVID-19 is a diverse illness. Some have no symptoms (asymptomatic), while others have flu-like symptoms. In the worst-case scenario, mechanical ventilation or death is a grim reality. A number of factors are theorized regarding why COVID-19 impacts people differently. Many people like myself are not sick enough to need mechanical ventilation or be hospitalized long-term, yet have been sick at home for months.

I remember back in March collapsing on the bathroom floor, suffering from severe shortness of breath and chest pain, begging God not to let me die. Most importantly, I pleaded that my two little girls still needed me.

My life was thankfully spared that night, but the next day I updated my last will and testament to ensure my daughters would be taken care of in the event of my death. My video diary chronicles my experience to warn others about how awful COVID-19 can be to a young healthy person.  

Nearly five months later from experiencing my first COVID-19 symptoms, and I’m still under the care of a neurologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, urologist, infectious disease specialist and a gastroenterologist. I belong to a hidden group of people who suffer from post-viral syndrome. I have experienced doctors who didn't take my struggles with COVID-19 seriously. It took a lot of work to assemble a good medical team. My next obstacle is economics, because being sick for so long means the possibility of being forced into short-term disability and taking a pay cut. The most upsetting aspect about my situation is that doctors cannot tell me how long I should expect to be sick.