Starz’s Power Book II: Ghost just achieved a huge milestone.

The highly anticipated debut set the record as the network’s biggest premiere weekend ever in its first three days. According to an official report from the network, the third season premiere delivered 5.8 million multi-platform viewers following its premiere weekend. It was also up approximately 30% from its season two debut in November 2021.

Season 3 is filled with plenty of shocking twists and turns.

According to an official description:

This season took off in dramatic form with brand new twists, turns, and murder as Tariq, Brayden, and the Tejada family are grieving the death of Zeke, but they won’t get much time as a new set of problems and questions arise. This season is flashier, juicer, and sexier, with even more family drama, betrayals, and surprising new alliances. Monet finds herself at a crossroads with her family, Brayden is forced to choose between his birth family and chosen family, and Tariq is leveling up this season.

According to the cast, this season is all about evolution.

“Perception is something that is really big in terms of our theme this season,” star Larenz Tate told Shadow and Act in a recent interview.

“But, it may not be the actual reality,” he continued. “And I think that’s one of the things that we can see in a lot of the characters. That duality, which you see here, may not be actually what’s behind closed doors. And certainly, for Rashad [Tate], he’s the type of person that will come in and he’s smiling, he’s thumbs up, he’s the person that’s going to make a change. But he also finds himself doing things that are very much self-serving. He’s not going to stop. He’ll do anything and whatever it takes to continue to climb that political ladder.”

“The problem for Davis is, Davis wants power, period,” said Method Man who plays Davis MacLean. “And money. With money, comes respect, with respect, comes power. He’s still working on those last two, the respect and the power parts, but the way things are going for him and the way this season is starting to unfold, I don’t know if he’s either closer to it or further away from it.”