The National Women’s Law Center's “Let Her Learn” campaign debuted last December, but this powerful PSA brings the motives behind their mission to ensure girls of color are not being pushed out by schools. The NWLC site affirms that "schools suspend black, latina and indigenous girls at higher rates than white girls. These practices tell these girls that school is not a welcome place."   

In an effort to raise awareness, the short PSA reveals true stories from girls who have experienced racially charged injustices. In the end, the young girls make an affirmation to reject words like aggressive, rude, unladylike and angry by declaring their strength and power. 

“Our goal is to create healthier, safer schools for girls of color it sounds kind of lofty but we want schools that are centering girls at every single point—in policy, in decision-making, in services,” Nia Evans, developer for the NWLC told Fusion. "It’s more important now than ever to really, really center in on students of color."

To learn more about the "Let Her Learn" campaign or to get involved download the online toolkit created for students, parents and activists. The toolkit features statistics and detailed information about school policy. This coming spring, the campaign will announce its official platform, complete with a specific policy agenda. In the meantime, we can help raise awareness by showing this powerful PSA. 

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