President Barack Obama recently sat down with former New York Yankee and five-time World Series Champion, Derek Jeter for an interview to be featured on Jeter’s website, The Players’ Tribune.

So, what does the leader of the free world have in common with the sports icon? Retirement. 

Jeter, who hung up his baseball cleats in 2014, explored the topic with Obama who’s two-term Presidency is winding down in a matter of months. In true comedic Obama fashion, the exchange brought about some light roasting. Take a look at the above clip to watch President Obama tease Derek Jeter about his late career athletic performance.


With all of his hilarious antics as of late, we definitely think the President has a future in comedy.

The two also discussed several topics including mentoring, Muhammad Ali and the real reason why Michelle married Mr. Obama.

Check out their entire interview below.

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