Ahh yes… the familiar "far away, in the heart of Africa…" the trailer begins, and immediately I sigh. This doesn't look good. 

And then… "a paradise of all different feathers…" the trailer continues, sugggesting a diverse, egalitarian world, and I become hopeful.

But then the trailer continues, and the characters (in this case birds) all sound like Yankees. Even in fictional *exotic* Africa – excuse me, heart of Africa – westerners still rule. 

Zambezia is a new feature film by Triggerfish Animation Studios about a young high-spirited falcon who journeys to the famed bird city of Zambezia, "far away in the heart of Africa."

Voice work is provided by Abigail Breslin, Jeff Goldblum, Leonard Nimoy, and Samuel L. Jackson in starring bird roles.

The title Zambezia likely comes from the Zambezi River in Southern Africa, which flows between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The $20 million USA/South Africa production, directed by Wayne Thornley, has been released in France and Israel, and is scheduled to be released in several European countries over the next 6 months, but is oddly without an American distributor, even though its voice stars are American actors. 

Watch the trailer below: