Iris Films, a non profit media company, that produces socially and culturally relevant content is behind an upcoming documentary titled Afro-Uruguay: Forward Together, that takes a look at what it describes as the little-known history and contemporary experience of "afrodescendientes" (people of African descent) in Uruguay.

Background info, courtesy of the production company's website:

Ten percent of the Uruguayan population is of African descent. And yet, Afro Uruguayans have too often been invisible, their lives marginalized, their stories undertold. We embarked on this project to help change that and to bring greater awareness of Afro Latino cultures throughout the Americas. A rich culture and unique musical tradition bring this story of the people, their history and contemporary experience to life. Told by the people themselves, the story unfolds in the modern era, takes us back in time, and explores the interconnections of the black experience throughout the Americas.

An experience that we rarely ever get to see unfold on screens (TV and film), which makes this effort all-the-more worth paying attention to and tracking.

After successfully raising over $15,000, the crew headed to Uruguay just last month, to begin production on the film, which they say will take a total of 9 months to complete, and include intensive on-the -round research, development and, of course, actual shooting.

As we follow the film's progress, we'll report on any updates worth sharing.

In the meantime, check out the 5-minute preview/promo of Afro-Uruguay: Forward Together, below: