nullIntriguing-looking cinema verite-style scripted docu-fiction film titled This Love That Consumes, which is described as a rendered slice of life feature about a dance company and its struggle for sustainable artistic creation in the bustling Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Lapa. 

And further, a perfectly pitched ode to dance as performance art.

Gatto and Barbot are lifelong companions of more then 40 years and have just moved to a big decayed and abandoned building downtown Rio de Janeiro, where they start to live and promote their dance company rehearsals. The difficulties of everyday life are merged into artistic creation and to their belief in the Orisha gods. Through dance they spread their message through the city.
The film is written and directed by Allan Ribeiro, produced by Ana Alice da Morais, via her 3 Moinhos Produções production house, and shot by Pedro Faerstein.
It stars Argentine director, Gatto Larsen, and Brazilian choreographer Rubens Barbot – members of the Company Rubens Barbot, the oldest Afro-Brazilian contemporary dance group – who portray themselves, working in their real-life locations 
The film in currently traveling the film festival circuit, and will next screen at the Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival, which runs from July 31 to August 4.
The 4-year old Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting the best independent Brazilian cinema in Hollywood. Each year, the festival is held at the Egyptian Theater, and includes features, documentaries, and short films made by the new Brazilian talent.
Watch the trailer below for This Love That Consumes:

ESSE AMOR QUE NOS CONSOME – trailer from Allan Ribeiro on Vimeo.