A work-in-progress feature documentary titled Autrement (English translation, In Another Way), which claims to explore West Africa – the "least developed" region on the planet.

Scientists, farmers, teachers and students, sociologists, doctors and dancers raise their voices and picture other ways of thinking and doing: Is there an option to the global dominant model? Is it possible to make science in another way? Africa is alive and dancing to its own rhythm.

My understanding of what looks like an intriguing, thoughtful film is that it challenges what we believe to be *the standard* (in essence, standards set by so-called first-world countries) way of thinking about how we live our lives. That's a broad way to describe it, and there's a lot under that one-sentence description. But, if I could get more specific, I'd say that, when it comes to cinema, some of you have questioned whose standards we're all judging everything else by.

And even though this isn't a documentary about that specifically (science and evolution is more its focus), I think it's all connected. 

As the last sentence in the filmmaker's description reads: Africa is alive and dancing to its own rhythm; also the question about there being an option to the "global dominant model;" and even the title itself – In Another Way

It questions the dominant systems that define our societies, mandated by only a few, while the rest of the world tries to copy, or adapt, rather than acting according to their own needs and context.

It's a work-in-progress so we'll continue to follow it and report any noteworthy developments.

Camilo Rodríguez-Beltrán and José Luis Aranda of the Taleo Initiative, are co-directors and producers of the film.

Watch a 5-minute promo below for a better look at what's to come.