20 years on the streets. 5 years in the making. The astonishingly true story of a homeless man struggling between the hope of a second chance & the gravity of the streets. A feature doc sparked by a fiction short.

That's what the description reads for what looks like will be an emotionally stirring film directed by Fran Guijarro & Martin Rosete, titled Moses.

The feature film tells the true story of Moses, a 57-year old African American man who has slept on the streets of San Francisco for more than 20 years, offering an insightful look into the harsh world of the homeless, through the life of one man.


However, the longer a person lives on the street, the harder it is to adjust to life away from it. Today, Moses is still struggling with this equation. How does it feel to go from the shadows of the streets to the spotlight of the camera? From being a ‘nobody’ to appearing on national TV? Is it proper to help someone savor the sweetness of second chances knowing that the bitter aftertaste of a homeless life is what may come next?

And after 5 years in production, the filmmakers were able to recently complete a successful fundraising campaign that raised $51,000 – money that they say will help them finish the film, which they plan to release theatrically, as well as on broadcast TV.

Watch the moving promo below (poster below):

Moses, the movie. from Fran Guijarro on Vimeo.