An new France/Germany/South Africa co-production comedy feature film titled Yes We Can, directed by Frenchman Olivier Abbou, from a screenplay penned by Abbou, Delphine Bertholon, and Nicolas Jones-Gorlin.

Starring Vincent Desagnat, Denis Wolf Elion, Jenny mutella, and Henri Guybet, the film's synopsis reads:

Jordan and Michael, friends for twenty years and roommates for the last ten, are unemployed but skilled at scraping by through alternative means—including kidnapping pets for ransom, one of their specialities. Sprawled out on the couch watching the news, they learn that President Obama is planning to visit his grandmother in Kenya. Inspiration strikes Jordan: they can kidnap Obama’s grandmother and demand 10 million dollars in ransom!

Of course, hijinx and hilarity ensue.

Described as an "outrageous comedy" from writer/director Abbou, and "a film that could never be shown on American television," as one write-up said, callling it one of those "buddy comedies in the French mode," Yes, You Can will screen in Montreal at the Fantasia Festival, which starts on July 19th

Watch the irreverent NSFW trailer below: