The short story goes… Vitaleme, Pierre and Mikenson are 3 twelve-years-old friends, living in a home in Port-au-Prince. Vitaleme is haunted by his memories as a child servant and obsessed with the idea of what he believes to be freedom. He tries to convince his two friends to leave the home, and instead live as they will. When the town is struck by an earthquake, all three of them find themselves on the street, in search of shelter, get by in various ways, like petty theft. Gradually, they build a new life for themselves, until Vitaleme finds himself separated form his two friends by an accident.

Directed by Belgian Jonas D'Adesky, and titled Twa Timoun (or Three Kids), the 81-minute feature film will make its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. 

Jules Vitaleme, Sima Mickenson, and Pierre Jean Marie star.

Watch the trailer below: