This month, Classical Theatre of Harlem and Hip-Hop Theater Festival present the Off-Broadway premiere of SEED, an award-winning play exploring themes of abandonment, poverty, class differences and byproducts of the crack epidemic that swept through Harlem in the 1980s and 1990s.

The play is directed by Niegel Smith and written by theater, film and TV writer Radha Blank.

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According to Hip Hop Theater Festival,

“The play follows burnt-out social worker Anne Colleen Simpson, who decides to leave the field on a high note, with a book detailing her career. When Chee-Chee, a gifted twelve-year-old from the “projects” collides into her life, she’s forced to confront his young mother and the shadows of her past. Anne and Chee-Chee develop an unlikely friendship that leads to an explosive encounter threatening both their futures.”

Seed from Hip-Hop Theater Festival on Vimeo.

Previews for SEED begin tonight, September 6th and opening night is slated for September 16th. For more information, visit