Talibah Newman, a filmmaker we've profiled previously on the site for her short film Busted on Brigham Lane, is now looking to complete her next project, a whimsical short called Sweet Honey Chile:

Sweet Honey Chile’ is a film about a young boy who is larger than life, but is trapped within the confines of an absurd, suffocating world weighed down by the trappings of poverty and a short fused, short-sighted mother.

Honey is a child beyond his years in spirit who grows up overnight in order to become the man of the house. In the film, Honey is often accompanied and paralleled by a mystical friend, Mr. Jolene, who has triumphed in the face of adversity.

Honey’s single mother Trish, wants what’s right for her son on a primal level but can not see past her own selfish desires to make the right decision for her child in lieu of exploit or smiting out his dreams. In short, Sweet Honey Chile' is a quirky take on survival, embracing identity, parenting, and the power of hope and dreams that are young at heart.

Talibah's work has been recognized by the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, Princess Grace Foundation, ABFF, Rooftop Films Filmmakers' Fund, and the DGA. And though some of those honors have come with grants attached, Talibah still needs to raise $6,500 to complete this film, and she has just a few days left to do so. 

Find her fundraising pitch below, and if you'd like to support, you can do so HERE.  

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