nullHere’s the just-released first trailer for another upcoming Kevin Hart project – the Warner Bros interracial buddy-comedy co-starring Will Ferrell, titled "Get Hard" (earlier today, I shared a clip from another interracial buddy-comedy Hart co-stars in, called "The Wedding Ringer").

In "Get Hard," Ferrell plays a rich, effete investment banker named James King, who is sentenced to a maximum security prison for stealing millions of dollars from clients. 30 days before he begins his sentence, he hires a "streetwise guy" named Darnell (played by Hart), to prep him and toughen him up for the time he’ll do in prison – hence the title of the film.

Apparently, there’s some kind of a twist; maybe one or both men isn’t exactly who the other believes them to be. Is James King really guilty of stealing millions? Is Darnell really streetwise, or just pretending to be something he’s not for one reason or another?

Find out when the movie, directed by first-timer Etan Cohen, from a script penned by Ian Roberts & Jay Martel, opens on March 27.

Trailer below: