nullOf course the final figures won't come out until Sunday afternoon as usual, but if things hold up as expected, Prometheus is going to take a massive hit at the box office this weekend, dropping over 70%.

That ain't good, and can only mean one thing: that word of mouth on the film is poisonous. And it's a fact that audiences are complaining that the film does not live up to its much hyped expectations, finding the film a bitter disappointment.

But I told ya' so in my review that it was a pretty looking, but muddled and frustrating mess of a film, with half baked ideas and sci-fi cliches.

Of course, some didn't like what I said. You know those: "I'm smarter than you because I actually once read a sci-fi book" types who want to show off their alledged intellectual prowess by claiming we were too dumb to see what was going on.

Sorry, but to quote Gertrude Stein (how's that for intellectual prowess) "there's no THERE there" in Prometheus.

But then I guess even the studio knew they had a potential box office bust on their hands, when they started promoting the upcoming DVD release of the film, the exact same week the film opened theatrically.

Yet, inspite of the huge drop, it still looks like the film will come in second this weekend, just like last weekend, only because the two new releases this week, Rock of Ages and That's My Boy, are faring very poorly.