Prosecutors request that Tory Lanez, born Daystar Peterson, spend 13 years in prison for the 2020 Megan Thee Stallion shooting because they say he spread misinformation and inviting taunting of the Texas rapper online. 

According to Legal Affairs and Trials, a memorandum was filed Tuesday by prosecutors to suggest how many years Lanez should spend behind bars. According to the memo, due to the Canadian native’s continuous “campaign of misinformation” through his social media platforms and the alleged stories his team told the media, and considering the severity of the incident that occurred the night of July 12, 2020, prosecutors say it’s a fair amount of time.

“Words have power and the pen is oftentimes mightier than the sword. In this case, Daystar Peterson used both,” the memo states. “Not content to have hurt the victim by use of his sword (gun), he also used his pen. His online posts for nearly three years have re-traumatized the victim.”

“His online reach is worldwide (millions of followers plus casual observers) and the defendant’s statements embolden his followers so that they too have been complicit in re-traumatizing the victim,” the memo continues. “He is responsible for the effect of his words and his actions.”

The memo also references the 30-year-old’s 2021 album DAYSTAR because there are “several songs” that prosecutors allege not only played a role in triggering trauma for Megan but also showed Lanez wasn’t remorseful for his actions because he, as the memo states, had no problem “profiting from his crimes.”

In addition, the memo includes a detailed context of how the “LUV” singer violated court orders ahead of the trial when he neglected a protective order by joining Da Baby on stage in Miami during his Rolling Loud performance, which Megan performed at as well.

Prosecutors also cite that Lanez posted a DNA evidence report online. Lanez discussed the DNA results in a recording shared to Instagram alongside a caption: “@gasconforlada PLEASE put an end to this INJUSTICE… many BLACK AND HISPANIC MINORITIES are falling victim to these same OUTRAGEOUS and DISGUSTING TRICKS and TACTICS. Someone NEEDS to stand up for US! ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Everyone PLEASE PRAY that the Honourable Judge David Herriford returns me to FREEDOM and a FAIR trial 🙏🏾.”

Furthermore, the memo lists his “unprovoked attack” against R&B singer August Alsina in Chicago in September 2022 and recent false claims that prosecutors falsified and hid evidence. Additionally, the memo references Lanez’s jail call to Kelsey Harris — Megan’s ex-friend who was in the car the night the shooting took place — hours after the shooting, which prosecutors say is “tantamount to a confession.”

“The Defense argued unconvincingly at trial that the jail call and apology text were apologies about the defendant allegedly sleeping with both Ms. Harris and the victim,” the memo states.

“The entire jail call and apology text, when viewed together with the other evidence presented at trial, can only be rationally interpreted as an apology for the defendant shooting the victim,” prosecutors added. “The defendant admitted guilt. As such, his lack of remorse can be appropriately considered by this Court as an aggravating factor.”

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herriford will make the ruling on Lanez’s prison sentence on Tuesday, June 13.