nullThe psychological thriller The Suspect – helmed by Stuart Connelly – which explores race relations and wrongful convictions of black men in a small town, is currently raising funds via Kickstarter – just less than 24 hours left in its campaign – to support the film’s distribution efforts.

Connelly’s first feature film, which premiered at this year’s American Black Film Festival, stars Mekhi Phifer and Sterling K. Brown as two
social scientists who infiltrate a small midwestern town in order to
explore law enforcement’s racism and bigotry in the isolated rural area. 

See director Connelly’s e-mail press release below, followed by the campaign’s widget underneath:

“As you’ve no doubt seen and heard — in your
inbox, on Facebook, Twitter, WXPN, etc. — we’re in the last few days of
our Kickstarter campaign to fund the distribution opportunities for our
feature film, THE SUSPECT.
The situation is pretty simple: we have until 12:00 noon Tuesday EDT to make our goal of $25,000.
almost 70% of the way there, and we’re told that these campaigns really
take off in the last
few days, as people who’ve been planning to help
come off the sidelines knowing what it really takes to make the goal.
Now’s the time.*
You can visit the Kickstarter campaign here: The Suspect
You can go directly to the pledge screen here:  Pledge Here!
If you need more convincing, take a look at our website here: The Suspect Movie website
If you’ve already pledged you shouldn’t be getting this message, but
since you have you should know you can always add to your pledge…)
don’t like busking, but we’ve truly put every cent of our modest budget
into the finished film, and we know we can get the best distribution
deal, and get the film SEEN, by spending this money to set up proper
sales screenings and attending the right festivals.
It’s easy: if
you’ve ever bought something on Amazon, you’re ready to go. Kickstarter
links to your Amazon account and BTW, you’ll only be charged if we
reach our goal.
We have cool rewards: Books, scripts, original music, posters, T-shirts, props.. something for every budget level.
We need you:

you could ignore this email and all the other sources of our plea; one
way or another it’ll all be over in a few days,  we’ll stop flooding
your inbox, and you can get back to your life. 
Or… you
can join us and be a patron of the arts, showing that you’re someone
who believes film can be more than explosions, cardboard dialogue and
snazzy computer effects.

By believing
in us, you’ll be in good company…we’ve been invited to several
festivals (one will make their public announcement
this Tuesday!)
and we’ve been selected by The Brookings Institution and Third Way –
two premiere Washington DC think-tanks – to be the centerpiece of an
event that focuses on social justice and race relations in America. The
screening and panel discussion will be in September.
Film can transform our thinking, our conversation, our world. 
Thanks so much for helping us do that, and please share this email with likeminded friends.”