Quentin Hines Jr. from Charlotte, North Carolina turned his passion into a business with the help of his parents. He started helping his feather with mowing the lawn when he was 8 years old and has since harbored a passion for the activity.

“I really, really love it,” Hines told CBS News, adding that he finds it to be therapeutic and calming pass time.

He eventually launched his own business, QJ’s Professional Lawn Care, two years ago. Hines has been utilizing his presence on social media and door-knocking to find new clients. At 11 years old, he is planning on expanding his business by hiring other fifth graders this summer.

Hines, who was fascinated by the mowers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, was even recently able to join the crew on a special day organized by airport officials.

“Sometimes when I would go out there, they would have the mowers out there, so I would like to stay there for a while,” he told the news outlet. “My parents would say, ‘It’s time to go,’ but I would say, ‘Just a few more minutes,’ because I would want to watch them cut the grass.”

Hines was invited to join the airfield maintenance crew.

“I’m speechless, speechless,” his mother said. “I know when he was 4, he said, ‘I’m going to get that contract,’ and then for today to be the day.”

The 11-year-old dreamt of working on the grounds crew for a sports team – and also made it a reality. He was invited by the Carolina Panthers’ grounds crew for a visit.

“This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” Hines said. “Actually being able to cut the Charlotte airport’s grass, which has always been my dream, just made me very happy. And just being able to experience all of this, now that I know how to do it, makes me very happy.”