Although she may portray a teacher on television, Abbott Elementary star Quinta Brunson has some real-life lessons regarding tax time: “Do them early.”

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancing creative, an empty nester, or a new homeowner, you don’t want any issues with the IRS. To ensure you do what’s needed to protect your funds, Intuit TurboTax has teamed up with Emmy-winning multi-hyphenate for its TurboTax Super Bowl File commercial during Super Bowl LVIII on Feb. 11. 

Brunson emerged on the scene in 2014 with her Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date Instagram series, which went viral and made her a familiar face in the digital world. Brunson’s digital presence grew, and she landed a role on the HBO sketch comedy series A Black Lady Sketch Show. At the tail end of 2021, ABC premiered Brunson as the lead in its newest comedy series, Abbot Elementary. 

As she navigated through her many roles as a digital creative, managing her finances was a top priority, and Turbo Tax was her go-to. “I’ve definitely used it my entire creative life, especially when I was freelancing,” Brunson told Blavity. 

The actress recalled collecting her 1099s and storing receipts, she acknowledged that TurboTax always had her back.
“I keep saying the IRS never came for me, so that makes me think that TurboTax did its job,” she joked.

While avoiding the scary side of the IRS is a big deal, Brunson’s positive experience with the financial software is the main reason she partnered with the company on their Super Bowl campaign, which is a first for her.

“No matter what I do, I want to be part of something inclusive. And I think there’s another version of that, regardless of your financial situation. You can use TurboTax,” Brunson said. “Taxes are confusing at first, and they’re intimidating to people.”

With 100 million customers worldwide using TurboTax, the software continuously provides ways to help customers financially prosper. At the top of the year, Intuit TurboTaxCredit KarmaQuickBooks and Mailchimp  launched their 2024 TurboTax brand campaign, “Make Your Moves Count.” Celebrating those who are paving their way, making bold moves and living in new and modern ways.


Photo Courtesy of Turbo Tax

According to the official press release, the campaign will showcase how TurboTax supports its real clients. 

“No matter the complexity of a filer’s tax situation, TurboTax fuels people’s momentum, making sure they always get their best tax outcome, from accuracy to speed, to bilingual support, to their max refund – guaranteed,” the release read in part.

“Intuit’s ‘Make Your Moves Count’ campaign establishes our commitment to the millions of filers who lead dynamic, innovative lives, and can count on TurboTax to deliver an unmatched outcome,” Nick Soukas, Senior Vice President of Intuit’s Consumer Group, said in the same press release.

He added, “Taxes are a reflection of our customers’ diverse lifestyles, and our tax experts and AI technology work together to identify even the smallest credit or deduction at tax time. We guarantee 100 percent accuracy, maximum refunds, and minimal effort to our new and existing valued customers.”

Directed by Taika Waititi, the “Make Your Moves Count” Campaign commercial features stories told from the point of view of a TurboTax Expert who makes their customers’ moves count by filing with 100% accuracy and guaranteeing their best tax outcome.

The customer tales include the story of the digital entrepreneur who, with the help of their TurboTax expert, obtained a maximum refund after shifting careers from a delivery driver to a video game streamer. Another story is of the budget-conscious customer who was overjoyed to learn he could file his taxes for free and get his maximum refund with TurboTax.

In addition to the user-friendly platform and great customer service, TurboTax is giving Super Bowl fans a huge incentive to take Brunson’s advice and complete their taxes early.

By starting their taxes on Super Bowl Sunday, they will be entered to win $1,000,000 to continue making the moves they want, all while having their taxes squared away.

Although her tax preparation looks different now, Brunson will forever praise Turbo Tax for its ease, efficacy, and, most importantly, live customer service.

“TurboTax existed for me before I had my person to talk to about my taxes,” she said. “I don’t have any other service to compare it to; they [TurboTax] have always worked for me. So it’s fun just being able to tell other people, ‘Heck yea! Use this thing!'”