Quinta Brunson is portraying Oprah Winfrey in the upcoming Weird Al Yankovic biopic Weird, and the first look for her in character has been released.

In the image, Brunson is wearing her best shoulder-padded dress and recognizable ’80s makeup to portray Winfrey, who is taking a tour of Yankovic’s Hawaiian shirt-laden closet. Yankovic (portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe), stands smiling, wearing what appear to be medals around his neck.

Photo: The Roku Channel

Brunson is the latest star added to the already star-studded cast, led by Radcliffe.

Rainn Wilson also stars as radio personality Dr. Demento, Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna, and Julianne Nicholson and Toby Huss as Nick and Mary, Yankovic’s parents.

The movie is called “the unexaggerated true story about the greatest musician of our time.” In Yankovic’s tongue-in-cheek fashion, the film’s description states that Weird will focus on Yankovic’s rise to stardom in the 1980s with parody hits like “Like a Surgeon” and “Eat It.”

It'll also focus on, according to the description (which must be parodying other musical biopics), Yankovic's "torrid celebrity love affairs and famously depraved lifestyle."

The parody continues, with the description stating that Yankovic came from a home “where playing the accordion was a sin” and in his meteoric rise, he became not only successful, but “[a] sex symbol.”

"Al lives an excessive lifestyle and pursues an infamous romance that nearly destroys him," the description continues.

Certainly, it’s to believed that most of the biopic is true. But it’s also worth noting that with Yankovic, there is always a joke not far behind, so it’s interesting to see how he will build on his own legend in this biopic, which he co-wrote with director Eric Appel.