Considering all the gruesome details surrounding Rasheem Carter’s mysterious death, it would seem reasonable for one to conclude that the 25-year-old man was killed.

Months after Carter was found with his head severed from his body, his family is now learning that more of his remains were found. Even worse, they found out via an email.

As Blavity previously reported, Rasheem Carter’s mother, Tiffany, filed a missing person report with the Laurel Police Department following a concerning warning text she received from her son in early October.

“My son told me that it was three truckloads of white guys trying to kill him. And at the time that he told me, as a mother, you know, I had to think fast,” Tiffany said during a press conference. “So I told him to go to the police station because I felt in my heart they would serve and protect like they are obligated to do.”

Police confirmed that Carter stopped by the station in Taylorsville, the city in which he worked, and asked officers to give him a ride, but they declined since he was staying at a Super 8 motel 22 miles away in Laurel. The officers also said they didn’t recall him mentioning that his life was in danger when he was asked about the harassment allegations.

Carter’s skull, which was severed from his body, and spinal cord were found not far from the Taylorsville police station. So when police originally mentioned they had “no reason to believe foul play was involved” after the fragments of his body were recovered, his family was shocked.

According to Carter’s autopsy, the 25-year-old’s cause of death was ruled by the medical examiner to be undetermined.

The Carter family along with civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who suspects that he was killed, issued a statement since learning that more remnants were identified by the Mississippi Crime Lab.

“The family of Rasheem Carter, while still in deep grief, is being denied inadequate information and closure from the Mississippi officials overseeing this case,” the statement began. “From the beginning of this case, the family has been misled. At first, when the first of Rasheem’s remains were discovered with his head decapitated from his body, officials told the family that it was animals that killed Rasheem. Then, officials admitted that they believed he was murdered.”

Crump’s office conducted a separate autopsy to ensure that law enforcement officials are being transparent. In addition to other parts of his body being located, they have since learned that Carter’s head was severed from his body. Given the information the family recently received, they believe it confirms that Carter’s life was taken by the men he warned his mother about.

“This doesn’t seem like the act of just one individual. It kind of lines up with what Tiffany said; there was a lynch mob of three trucks chasing her son before he went missing,” Crump said at the same press conference in March.