Video footage surfaced of singer Ray J pushing B2K’s Raz B after they exchanged a few words during a night out.

On Monday, The Shade Room posted video footage of the mild incident between the two. In the short clip, the “Bump Bump Bump” singer steps down from a couch where he was standing next to Ray J and proceeds to tug him to get off.

That’s when the “One Wish” artist immediately pushes him in the shoulder to resist. Raz B walks away, and then they’re seen embracing each other, but it isn’t clear whether that embrace is hostile.


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According to TMZ, the physical altercation is the aftermath of a current disagreement between the singers, who are working on a show called Dosh Fight Club for the The Dosh Network, a subscription-based streaming platform for original reality TV shows. Ray J is the director and producer of the show, and after reviewing footage taped for the premiere, he no longer wants it released because he doesn’t like the drama it contains, TMZ reported. Furthermore, he said he believes it won’t help improve the state of reality TV entertainment as far as Black people are concerned, according to TSR.

“This new show that they’re trying to put out that I just directed is so bad,” he told TMZ before the minor blowup. “It’s like 25 episodes. It’s entertaining and that’s what people are watching, but the Dosh Fight Club could be so much more. I want to be a part of the cure and not the disease. At some point, I’m either going to have a big issue with Dosh or Raz B and the whole staff.”

He continued, “We’re not seeing eye to eye. I want substance behind the content, they don’t. They’re going to put it out and then there’s going to be a crazy, like, situation that’s happening so that’s what I’m going through. I want to help these fighters. … I’m battling with myself, my morals, my integrity.”

Raz B is an executive for the streaming network service and allegedly doesn’t want to look bad to his Dosh Network partners and investors for the time and money put into the show.

He also claims the show was Ray J’s idea, according to a comment he left on TSR’s Instagram post about the dispute, as reported by Vibe.

“I pulled up on Ray J. He pushed and punched me,” he wrote. “He’s mad because I have footage that we paid him to direct! Now he say its too violent and not good for the culture! BUT YOU DID IT!!! Now you wanna fight me! Is that good for the culture?? – I’m really going to put the footage out NOW!”

As reported by TSR, Ray J has cleared the air about the incident, said everything is good and called it a “misunderstanding.”

According to the outlet, he wrote, “We had a misunderstanding- I didn’t even push him like that- and I’m taking a pic with that girl and that’s why u hear ‘Bobby you should be up here!’ Clearly, you can see her posing for a pic smh. Come on Raz! Damn, I can’t win for losing.”