In moments of boredom throughout quarantine, many have succumbed to the urge to change their hair. Whether it’s picking up a pair of scissors or dying it a different color of the rainbow, quarantine is the time to try something new.

Basketball legends prove no different. Dwyane Wade first took his ever-changing locks and bleached them blonde, debuting his new look on TikTok, where he has been spending a lot of his time during lockdown.


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Just when we thought he would take a break from playing hairstylist, he participated in the #WipeItDown challenge and revealed his bright red curls.


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At first, everyone believed the former Miami Heat point guard took his inspiration from basketball legend Dennis Rodman, who liked to experiment with his look while on the court. While Wade did give Rodman some props, we later learned the fun color was a bonding moment with a special lady in his life.

The 38-year-old actually has matching hairdos with daughter Zaya Wade. In a TikTok video, the father-daughter duo revealed their coordinating looks as Zaya acted out a skit.


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Fans got another view of their complementary looks and sweet relationship in a second video in which the two drive off in a convertible, with the 12-year-old pointing to the camera and looking cooler than most of us ever could.


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Many took to social media to applaud the supportive father and to let Zaya know she really snapped with that pink.

While some trolls tried to bring Dwyane down, he wouldn’t let them get to him and showed his followers he’s living his best life. It also seems like he’s going to take full advantage of his new look and post as much as possible with his red hair as he continues his TikTok obsession.

Despite D-Wade becoming a TikTok aficionado, his wife, Gabrielle Union seems to be over his videos. The actress appeared in one of them to tell her husband that “nobody is going to follow you on your stupid TikTok” in a lighthearted skit.



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A second little lady in the Wade household is also getting some extra love during lockdown. The youngest Wade, Kaavia, has been a good source of memes that succinctly describe all of our moods during the pandemic.

Hopefully, the Wade family continues to make us all smile throughout this crazy time. Maybe a new hair color is on the way. Dwyane, how do you feel about purple?